Travel & Tourism

Entice your customers to crave for more

In the past, travel agencies could focus on creating interests in the idea of travel to a certain destination. But agencies now have to concentrate on building their brand and making personal connections in order to draw the travellers to their agency. Market Raja will help in building your online marketing strategy.

  • Publicize your travel mobile application
  • Bring destinations to life through promoting your travel blog
  • Increase visibility of visual storytelling and evocative descriptions
  • Set up and instagram account and invite travel clients to share photos and videos and feedback
  • Increase website and application traffic
  • Post your exclusive discounts and tour packages
Become a King in your Business

  • ​Market Raja is a content marketing platform, publish and distributes the content in various social media sites, content portals and Email​ in a single click which helps to increase website traffic.